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Little Hawk’s Attractions 

1. Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve:

~ Mountain Biking
~ Bird Watching
~ A Walk In The Clouds
~ The Wolf Centre
~ Walking Trails

2. A.T.V. Rental and Tour:

~ Fully Governed & Safe
~ Choose From Several Trails
~ Trail Safety & Ethical Requirements Met
~ Website Avaliable Upon Request

3. Haliburton Studio Tour:

~ Established In 1988
~ Sculptures, Paintings, Pottery, & Crafts
~ Inquire For Selected Dates

4. Highlands Museum:

~ Depicting Life at the Turn of the Century
~ Pioneer Homestead & Blacksmith’s Forge
~ Open Year Round

5. Highlands Hiking Trails To Choose From:

~ Circuit of 5 View Points
~ Frost Centre
~ James Cooper Lookout
~ Dorset Scenic Tower
~ Beech River Walking
~ Alven Ferguson
~ Highlands Ridge Trail
~ Beetle Lake Trail
~ Log Chute Trail
~ Crest of Kennisis

What is Winter Dance? 

– Winterdance is an Ontario dogsledding tour company that operates out of the Haliburton Highlands, Canada
– Discover the thrill of dog sledding by learning to drive a dog team!


Haliburton County Snowmobile Association

– Offers 580 km of groomed trails.
– Includes trail conditions, permit applications, membership details, maps, links and contact information.

Give us a call for a complete list of great golf courses!

~ Feel free to contact us for more information ~ 

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Little Hawk Resort & Marina

Address: Algonquin Highlands, Ontario K0M 1J2